Turtle Soup Chef - A Personal Chef Service, Orange County, CA 



*Standard Personal Chef Services (all-inclusive: menu planning, groceries, labor, packaging/labeling & clean up).


4 x 4 - $375
(16 portioned meals – typically 4 portions of 4 different entrées with sides) 
3 x 4 - $325
(12 portioned meals – typically 4 portions of 3 different entrées with sides)

4 x 2 - $300
(8 portioned meals - typically 2 portions of 4 different entrées
with sides)

Many other packages are available.

Special diets like gluten-free, vegan, all-organic, and premium items (lobster, filet Mignon, etc.) will incur a small extra fee.

Meals can be packaged for one person, or for two or more in one container. Most items will be refrigerated or frozen as necessary. In most cases, our containers are designed for the microwave. These containers are included in the price. I will pick up empty containers the next time I cook for you and these will be used only for your family. If you wish to use glass containers, I will purchase these for you and you can add that cost to your next payment.


*Cooking classes in your home (price depends on items prepared).
These can be demo only or hands-on with participants.



Pasta making
Making fresh ricotta
Basic knife skills
Cupcake making and decorating
Holiday items (cookies, Thanksgiving, Christmas,                  Valentine's Day, etc.)
Children’s classes (birthday parties or just for fun)
Romantic dinner (could include wine pairing suggestions)

*Catering (price depends on items prepared, but typically $50 per hour plus the cost of groceries). I can also price this per person or per event.

 *Dinner Parties (typically $50 per hour plus the cost of groceries or can be priced per person) Call or email for a quote.


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